-Finds old keys at the bottom of a sack of trash.

-Continues cleaning; finds old lock at the bottom of another box of junk.

-Unlocks long-forgotten old blog.

-Blows dust off surfaces to see what’s still there.

-Runs to open nearest windows to blow the massive dust storm away.

-Takes stock to see what needs to be updated to current blogging standards.

-Tries to post things here more often than once a decade.

Something I found a while back at a local garage sale that I found interesting:




A tea kettle made to look like a chicken!  Supposedly it makes a cock-a-doodle type noise when the water is ready, but I haven’t gotten it to do that quite yet.  I think.



And one of these days, I will figure out how to do better photos on an iPhone.  I swear, I can take better photos of stuff than this.  :/  Need to practice more.  😐

For my first post on my new(ish) blog, a silly little cupcake I got from the local food bank a few weeks ago.


Little monster cupcake.
Little monster cupcake.


There was an orange one of these in the same box, but it had melted just a hair too much to be worth taking a photo of.

These critters are/were about 99% icing and 1% cupcake, and will rot the teeth of anyone who so much as looks at them.  Tasty, but the rush at my age anymore……bleh.

(Added 10/25/2013)

Mission statement:  Blog will be used for whatever I feel like putting up, whether that’s stuff about cooking, food, canning, or assorted media reviews.  Blog will be updated whenever I have a moment free, and have something to say.



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